Cañonero – Juan Escutia


Four gun-boats were donated by the Mexico’s Department of the Navy and Marines, which were sunk in the waters of the Mexican Caribbean during 2000 to create artificial reefs in order to provide more underwater recreational sites or divers who visit us.

The most honored of the gun-boats donated for this purpose in the Juan Escutia, the name of one of the boy heroes that defended Chapultepec Castle (in Mexico City) from the North American invasion on September 13, 1847.


The Juan Escutia was sunk on October 28, 2000 to a depth of 90 feet, just two miles off Puerto Morelos in front of the UNAM University Institute of Sciences of the sea and Limnology.

Twelve years after this historic event, the purpose of the artificial reef has been achieved; the boat is almost completely covered by corals, sponges, gorgonians and incredible array of creatures of all shapes and colors that would be impossible to describe one by one.

The Puerto Morelos National Reef Park can be proud of including Gun-Boat C-56 as a dive spot, where it´s common to sight large schools of jacks, sea bream, barracuda, the occasional wreck bass and, during the season, schools of eagle ray…