The Riviera Maya is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world.

Tourists are attracted to the area because of its unspoiled natural beauty, the warm sunny climate, the beautiful beaches, the clear warm sea, the mysterious jungle and the archaeological sites of the lost civilization of the ancient Maya.


Cenotes attract day trippers interested in swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the wonderful natural ambience of these oases in the jungle.

In addition many of these tourist are divers  specifically attracted to the region of the opportunity to be able to make cavern and cave dives in a unique environment.
Today people can visit sites that just a few years ago were almost as inaccessible as the moon and in many ways just as strange.

A guided Cavern dive truly represents an awe inspiring journey into a beautiful but alien and unknown world.

Many of the places that we are currently exploring today will be opened up for tourism in the near future.
This is a very important source of income for many of the local business as well as landowners and provides employment for a large number of local people.