Playa del Carmen


Playa del Carmen is located on the coast of Quintana Roo 60 kilometers south of Cancun, in the heart of one of the fastest-growing regions in Mexico, The Riviera Maya.

It is point of reference for travelers from around world, a blend of all that is laid-back and relaxed, old and new, historical and natural, combined to make one of most popular tourist resort in the world.


Surrounded by tropical jungle and mesmerizing beaches of fine with sand and clear turquoise ocean, Playa del Carmen’s importance is highlighted by its Mayan heritage and nearby coral reefs.

Playa del Carmen was once a quiet fishing village until it began attracting visitors from world who fell in love with natural beauty and simple traditions. Many of these visitors decided to stay and call it home, the village grew into a town whit mixture of nationalities and cultures, becoming a different place altogether yet kipping its Mexican Caribbean charm.


Scuba Diving in Playa is relaxing, the currents are ready steady South to North allowing a divers to drift along and admire the underwater scenery.

The most popular dive site is called “Tortugas”, which means “turtles” in Spanish, in reference to the large number that can be found there, especially the hawksbill variety.

 Visibility is generally very good, remember, Playa del Carmen is on the mainland directly in front of Cozumel the dive capital for this part of the Caribbean.

 The island of Cozumel and the reefs around Playa del Carmen form part of the coral barrier known as the Great Mayan Reef.